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Hi. I'm Susan.

Certified Organic Beauty Consultant  

I love organic!

​I’m a pioneer of the organic movement. Natural cosmetics hit me when I became a vegetarian at 17. Since that time I've been advocating a green lifestyle and authentic organic cosmetics. 

I’m driven by 25 years of belief, passion and experience.
My enthusiasm for natural, sustainable products is absolutely contagious. I‘ve known the industry since back in the days when there were neither organic supermarkets nor natural beauty products available at drugstores. So today – as the founder of Organic Beauty Consulting – it just makes me happy to see that organic has become part of our daily life! Our future is green!  

I enjoy working with authentic natural cosmetics,

... because it’s the best choice for humans, animals, and the  

… because it makes you feel radiantly beautiful and energetic

… because it has a lasting and sustainable impact on your life

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