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For Business Customers

Goodbye eco-niche. Hello mass market. Natural beauty products are hip and high in demand!

​The global upward trend of eco-friendly personal care has resulted in increasing demands on consulting expertise at a professional level.

Exceptional marketing and sales concepts, a consistent market approach, customized content and sustainable packaging designs are more important than ever. Modern, innovative customer communication is vital. And last but not least, digitalization and enhanced customer experience are crucial success factors for your business.  


Organic Beauty Consulting will help you tackle these challenges effectively.  

Whether established business or start-up:


I know what your target audiences expect. First hand, as I’ve been advising many private customers over the past few years. Together we can bolster brand recognition and make your products even more successful, at retail and online.

25 years of 


I have the expertise you need. 

Your Needs

Not enough qualified personnel due to lack of training offerings on the market?
Staff shortages for a limited period of time?
Training needs to further develop your staff to top industry experts?

My Services

Whether in manufacturing, retail, media or online: 
I support you in the fields of marketing, brand management, trend scouting, sales, content, training, editorial work, translations EN, user experience, eCommerce & digital transformation.

My Expertise

Markets & customers, raw materials, production & quality, essential oils & natural perfumes, face, body & hair care, special assortments & portfolio management, natural cosmetics for beauty salons, nutritional supplements.

Your Benefits

With the combination of 25 years' experience in marketing, sales and consulting and my specialist expertise in natural cosmetics I am highly diversified, offering a wide range of services. I understand companies and customers alike!

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