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It’s so nice to see you here. 

Organic Beauty Consulting  is your top expert for all questions around certified organic cosmetics.  

I offer comprehensive consulting services to business and private customers.  

The global natural and organic beauty industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years.
And so has the demand for expert consulting among manufacturers, retailers, media and consumers.

More and more people are following a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. They are looking for 100% natural products that exclusively contain natural ingredients from plants, flowers and minerals. Products that protect our animals, environment and resources. Meaning toxic-free and skin-friendly cosmetics which are good for body and soul. Naturally resourced, with no chemical or synthetic additives and produced
in an eco-friendly way. 


But the natural beauty market has become complex and confusing. The subject requires intensive advice as there is so far no standard legal definition for the term natural cosmetics. It doesn't say anything about the ingredients or quality of a product. For both professionals and consumers products and claims are often not clearly distinguishable.
There is a great need for education to be able to differentiate between certified natural cosmetics,
green cosmetics and conventional cosmetics.

This is exactly where comes in.

I approach natural cosmetics from 2 angles:

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